5 reasons why you should have a ride tour in Paris

5. Half Day bike Tour - copie

Paris by car, Paris by walk, Paris by bus, alright… déjà vu. But Paris by bike is unique and unusual!

We give you 5 reasons to visit Paris by bike with Mon Beau Paris:


  • It is the best way to enjoy the city

Riding through the Seine, passing through gardens and squares, enjoying the architecture, living the magic of the City is a unique experience you can live by bike.

  • You can visit all the emblematic places in one day

From Notre Dame to the Palais of Justice, from the Marais area to the Louvre, from the Concorde square to the Invalides by way of the Seine River, visiting Paris becomes easy and fast, indeed you can cross 3 km in only 15 minutes!

  • You can do sport while taking the pleasure of Paris

Why not making it enjoyable as well as useful? An all-inclusive activity!

  • Live a true Parisian life

Paris is the cycle metropolis thanks to an expanded cycling network, Parisians became used to riding every day to go to work. It is probably faster than being stuck in the traffic jams  and it is eco friendly!

  • You can test an electric bike

Our partner Freescoot provides you comfortable electric bikes in the best ways possible, it is very easy and effortless! Thus, you can visit and enjoy Paris without being exhausted at the end of the day.


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So, you have understood that riding in Paris can be cool to visit some other way this lovely city full of secrets. Have a plunge and enjoy your bike ride city tour!




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