Oenology classes in Paris

The science and study of wine and winemaking is a mystery for you? Some schools but also private small companies have developed oenology classes to unravel mysteries around wine, from the techniques to grow tasteful grapes to the habits and customs to drink it, for example. And do not forget, […]

Do you know “La Chandeleur”?

Originally a holy day, it is now best known for what we eat that day: the famous crêpes. In English, the feast is called “Candlemass” because the tradition in Christian religion is to light candles that day. This recalls believers the presentation of Jesus Christ to the Temple, 40 days […]

Vines in Paris

THE HISTORY OF WINE IN PARIS? A QUESTION OF FRAUDS, TAXES, RELIGION, SPECULATION AND WHAT WE CALL IN FRENCH “PIQUETTE”, WHICH MEANS A VERY BAD WINE. Vineyards in Paris have an old history: there was a time when Burgundy, Bordeaux region, and more surprisingly Paris were the three main areas […]

Louvre Museum removing its art pieces : back to the 40’s

On the third of June 2016, the Louvre Museum closed its doors because of Seine rise. A Museum Staff moving several pieces of art in order to protect them from the floods… Does it not remind you of something ? 76 years ago, a resistance group organized the preservation of […]

A discovery of Paris history through Sculptures

1. The forgotten, Arc de triumph – decoration inside and around the Arc    The inside walls of the monument lists many names but who are these people? These names are those of 558 French generals with those who died in battle being underlined.  The names of the major battles […]