Do you know “La Chandeleur”?

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Originally a holy day, it is now best known for what we eat that day: the famous crêpes. In English, the feast is called “Candlemass” because the tradition in Christian religion is to light candles that day. This recalls believers the presentation of Jesus Christ to the Temple, 40 days after Christmas, and the light he provides.

And why do we eat crêpes?

With their disc-shape and their colour, crêpes in popular belief reminded of the solar disk and the return of growing days. But also they were cheap to produce, because they are made with the flour, which has not been used the previous year.

Now let’s move on to more serious! No need to say that you can eat crêpes in many restaurants in Paris. But we made a selection for you, where you will not only eat simple crêpes, but you will also feel the Bretagne region on your palate!

If you want to live the Armorican Dream: Mad Eo – 19 rue de Picardie – 3rd district

Fresh and organic products allow you there to travel directly to Armorique, an old name to designate our actual “Bretagne”, in the western part of France. In this crêperie, producers are carefully selected. The owner, Stéphane Coulon, a real Breton, wants to cook only high-quality products, coming from producers he personally knows. He also sells them in the grocery next door.

If you need a pleasant break between two fascinating visits with Mon Beau Paris: Chez Alain Miam Miam – Marché des Enfants Rouges, Rue des Oiseaux – 3rd district

Quick break, because you cannot seat there, but an incredible experience. Discover the Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest market in Paris created in 1615. Chez Alain Miam Miam is an essential stop during your walk. Alain made his crepes by himself in front of your eyes, it can be a little long, but it worth the wait times. And Alain also cares for the pleasant atmosphere: a multiple-talented man!

If you are in a geek temper: Odyssey – 6 rue Dante – 5th district

odysseyHere, fans of sci-fi and fantastic films will feel on top of the world. Everything turns around one single saga: setting, music, menus, etc. And the crepes are really good too! I let you discover by yourself the film I am talking about. So if you are not afraid of “Shyriiwook“, Droidspeak or even Huttese“, only one thing to say: May the force be with you, and let’s go there!

If you think you are a true creator: Le Crépuscule – 18, rue Amélie – 7th district

Incredible quality-price ratio at the heart of Paris, two steps away from the Eiffel Tower or the Invalides. You have the possibility there to create your crepe by yourself, and so to give free rein to your imagination. Moreover the place is quite tiny, which confers it a true character.

If you want to mix tradition and modernity: West Country Girl – 6 Passage Saint-Ambroise – 11th district

Capture d’écran 2017-02-02 à 10.44.45A mix between modernity, the traditional know-how and a real identity: that is the spirit of this original crêperie. The characteristic there: they do not serve the traditional “galette salée” but some “crêpes salées”, which are thiner and very crunchy! Another unusual surprise: you can eat oysters as starters. They are very fresh, so first-come, first-served!

If you went to take your train at Gare de Lyon the wrong day: Les Embruns – 8, rue de Lyon – 12th district

You missed your train or came the wrong day? Do not be desperate; you did not travel for nothing! Thanks to the intimate atmosphere, you feel comfortable and enjoy peacefully your buckwheat galettes and sweet crepes with a delicious bottle of cider. A moment out of time!

If you do not have time to visit Bretagne but still want to feel there: Mad’eo – 14 rue de Cadix – 15th district

Mad eoSame name as the one in the 3rd district, different atmosphere, but still Bretagne lovers. Anne-Laure and François both have unforgettable memories of their childhood, and they love to share it. They assign much importance to transfer their knowledge of their region, and always find original products such as craft beers coming directly from the Bretagne region. By the way, Mad’ Eo is a Breton word, which means, “This is well done”. And definitely they chose the name of their restaurant very well!

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