Oenology classes in Paris

The science and study of wine and winemaking is a mystery for you? Some schools but also private small companies have developed oenology classes to unravel mysteries around wine, from the techniques to grow tasteful grapes to the habits and customs to drink it, for example. And do not forget, with La Box de Mon Beau Paris, we offer a fascinating visit about vines in Paris, the job of cellar master, all of this while tasting good wines!

What if you made oenology your job?

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At the Ecole du vin, it does not matter if you only spent your life drinking wine without having analysed it or if you begin to be a real expert. The oenology classes teach you the art of wine tasting, from the different sensations they should provide, to the techniques to serve it properly, going through the discovery of a winemaker’s life. Real experts, who train our best sommeliers, deliver those classes in French or in English.

Ecole du vin, 48 rue Baron Le Roy 75012 Paris – https://www.ecole-du-vin.fr/fr/

If you want a funny experience with family or friends

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At Oenoparis, classes seem at first sight less serious and funnier or at least more playful. All classes are taught in English or in French, where you want (at home, at work, or in their own premises) according to a chosen topic: it can be for example a blind test, to discover wines from several French regions and try to differentiate them, or a “tour de France”, to discover more specifically grape varieties, and why you appreciate more one region than another. Perfect for people who want to learn more about oenology and having fun with the sommelier Pierre-Yves Tremintin at the same time!

Oenoparis – https://www.oenoparis.com/ – contact@oenoparis.com

If you do not fear to end a class a little bit drunk

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At Grains Nobles, you mix theory with much practice. They consider that an initiating class is not only a story of a few hours. Bernard Burtschy, international taster and journalist, takes his time to explain why the wine you drink has this special taste, colour and aromas. He goes back to the roots of the production of wine to explain influences of climate or the creation of good or bad vintages for example. And all of those explanations are associated with a tasting of a wide range of wines.

Grains nobles, 8 rue Boutebrie 75005 Paris – http://www.grainsnobles.fr/

If something lacked in your personality

You knatelier des sensow you are a dog or a rooster in your Chinese horoscope, but that is not enough for you? At L’atelier des sens, you have the possibility to discover your oenological profile: through wines with strong and personal characters, you will learn which one matches the best with your personality. The head sommelier Fabrice Tessier makes you live a true adventure for your senses and taste buds. A must-do!

L’atelier des sens, 40 rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris // 10 rue du Bourg L’Abbé 75003 Paris – http://www.atelier-des-sens.com/

If you want to extend your knowledge all day long

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At the Musée du vin, you will be welcomed in beautiful vaulted cellars of the 15th century. This museum represents kind of a tribute to every passionate people who worked hard to produce wines that are know worldwide well known. After an interesting tour, sommeliers and other experts of wine will have the great pleasure to offer you a tasting class, unfolded in the wine cellars. Those classes can be about a specific wine, for example the famous “vignoble des Graves, Pessac Léognan” or an initiating class to learn all the tips around wine: how to serve it, how to preserve it or how to taste it. Good to know: you do not pay the museum if you want to visit it after your class! The last word: impressive!

Le Musée du vin, 5 square Charles Dickens 75016 Paris – http://www.museeduvinparis.com/ – info@museeduvinparis.com

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