Our top 5 pastry shops in Paris

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Ladurée and Jean-Paul Hévin… nothing to d-eclair but their genius? Set aside your misconceptions and try something new…

Mon Beau Paris has put together a selection of five bakeries and patisseries that might not be well known outside their local area, but are still delicious – and meet with our team’s seal of approval!

  1. Sébastien Gaudard

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With two stores: one in the First District at 1 rue des Pyramides, the other in the Ninth at 22 rue des Martyrs, this talented pâtissier is not content in leaving his delicious creations on display.

Quite the contrary, he offers the opportunity to indulge yourself in his tearoom on the rue des Tuileries, with a brunch concocted entirely by the chef, Sébastien Gaudard. Obviously you can enjoy fluffy croissants and sweet, succulent tarts, but how about adding boiled eggs and smoked, steamy bacon as well?

Offering a very professional service with high quality products, Sébastien Gaudard doesn’t just provide traditional patisserie with a twist, but breathes new life into the concept!

  1. Un Dimanche à Paris

Located at 4-6-8 Cours du Commerce Saint-André in Paris’s Sixth District, this store is both a tearoom and a chocolatier. Here, everything on offer has a chocolatey twist, transforming the shop from a simple patisserie into a galaxy of indulgence.

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If you’re particularly hungry, it’s worth knowing that Un Dimanche à Paris (“Sunday in Paris”) offers two brunch menus.

The classic option costs €38 and provides a glass of fresh fruit juice, a hot drink, yoghurt with chocolate chips, an omelet with tomatoes, fresh herbs, and salmon or cold meats, a fluffy vanilla muffin, a slice of fruitcake, sourdough bread with Bordier lightly salted butter as well as a fresh baguette and jam.

The second option, the “Gourmet Brunch” offers larger portions of the same high standard. For the cost of €54, you get a glass of Champagne, Venezuelan chocolate pâté, rhubarb poached in Maury wine, grilled rabbit pie, prawn skewers with pineapple, smoked Salmon… and a variety of other dishes!

A menu that is nothing if not surprising; ideal for a foodie brunch!

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  1. Des Gâteaux et du pain

Head to 63 Boulevard Pasteur in the Fifteenth District where Des Gâteaux et du Pain (“Cakes and Bread”) has a variety of cakes and bread to enjoy, as its name suggests. While the name couldn’t be clearer about what’s on offer, there are two further names behind the brand: David Granger in the bakery and Claire Damon as pastry chef. Two talented chefs who share a single goal: to share their passion with you.

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Whether you’re looking for a traditional baguette, a rustic loaf, or a focaccia, David Granger’s masterful handiwork will delight you. As for pastries, Claire Damon’s products feature seasonal ingredients to offer sweet delights that will satisfy the most demanding connoisseur.

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The store’s flawless attention to detail and aesthetic approach are impressive, making this an essential destination for lovers of powerful flavors.

  1. Pain de sucre

How about a trip to 14 rue Rambuteau in the Third District, where you’ll find all kinds of good things, like the Picasso Museum – and the Pain de Sucre patisserie?

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The two chefs, Didier Mathray and Nathalie Robert, express their creativity through the medium of pastry. With the extremely wide variety of flavors on offer, they’ll surprise and delight with their pistachio and curry flavor cookies, or their Espelette chili macaron, while their menu also includes marshmallows, fruitcakes, colorful tarts and other delights that mix sweet and savory flavors.

These light, tasty creations are ideal for anyone who hungers for exotic travels and exotic flavors.

  1. La maison du chou

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There’s an intense focus on a single product at the two outlets at 5 rue Jean du Bellay on the Ile de la Cité in the Fourth District and at 7 rue de Furstemberg in the Sixth.  The chef, Manuel Martinez, has earned two Michelin stars and offers choux cream puffs with all kinds of flavors.

You can enjoy the delightful flavor of cream puffs made to a classic recipe, or try chocolate, salted caramel or praline fillings, with a hot chocolate, a tea or a coffee. A selection of fruit juices is also on offer if you prefer a cold drink, but whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be 100% delicious!

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