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Wine tasting in Paris

France is undoubtedly famous for the quality and diversity of its wine. You can buy some good bottles, and discover it by yourself, or have a lesson to find out all the secrets the bottle may hide. Let us have a look at our own selection.   Stimulate your senses at […]


Where to buy good bottles of wine in Paris?

Obviously, you can find bottles of wine in every single supermarket in Paris. It is part of French culture. But to find that one shop where you will find your dreamed bottle is harder. This is definitely no mean feat. There are some specialized wine shops that offer a wide […]

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Vines in Paris

THE HISTORY OF WINE IN PARIS? A QUESTION OF FRAUDS, TAXES, RELIGION, SPECULATION AND WHAT WE CALL IN FRENCH “PIQUETTE”, WHICH MEANS A VERY BAD WINE. Vineyards in Paris have an old history: there was a time when Burgundy, Bordeaux region, and more surprisingly Paris were the three main areas […]

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Our top 5 pastry shops in Paris

Ladurée and Jean-Paul Hévin… nothing to d-eclair but their genius? Set aside your misconceptions and try something new… Mon Beau Paris has put together a selection of five bakeries and patisseries that might not be well known outside their local area, but are still delicious – and meet with our […]


35 French idioms that could be misinterpreted

Why should you learn by heart some of the French idioms ? Because actually french people use plenty of them ! Here are some of the most common French expressions that you can use to impress your friends !   Faire l’andouille What you think it means : To make […]