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Vines in Paris

THE HISTORY OF WINE IN PARIS? A QUESTION OF FRAUDS, TAXES, RELIGION, SPECULATION AND WHAT WE CALL IN FRENCH “PIQUETTE”, WHICH MEANS A VERY BAD WINE. Vineyards in Paris have an old history: there was a time when Burgundy, Bordeaux region, and more surprisingly Paris were the three main areas […]

Our top 5 pastry shops in Paris

Ladurée and Jean-Paul Hévin… nothing to d-eclair but their genius? Set aside your misconceptions and try something new… Mon Beau Paris has put together a selection of five bakeries and patisseries that might not be well known outside their local area, but are still delicious – and meet with our […]

35 French idioms that could be misinterpreted

Why should you learn by heart some of the French idioms ? Because actually french people use plenty of them ! Here are some of the most common French expressions that you can use to impress your friends !   Faire l’andouille What you think it means : To make […]

Wifi in your pocket

We wanted to tell you about Travel Wifi, one of our friend’s start-up, it can be useful if you can’t leave your phone at the hotel 😉 With the rental of pocket wifi, Travel Wifi offers foreign visitors in France the easiest solution to get Internet in France! They provide […]

Louvre Museum removing its art pieces : back to the 40’s

On the third of June 2016, the Louvre Museum closed its doors because of Seine rise. A Museum Staff moving several pieces of art in order to protect them from the floods… Does it not remind you of something ? 76 years ago, a resistance group organized the preservation of […]