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35 French idioms that could be misinterpreted

Why should you learn by heart some of the French idioms ? Because actually french people use plenty of them ! Here are some of the most common French expressions that you can use to impress your friends !   Faire l’andouille What you think it means : To make […]

Photo travel wifi

Wifi in your pocket

We wanted to tell you about Travel Wifi, one of our friend’s start-up, it can be useful if you can’t leave your phone at the hotel 😉 With the rental of pocket wifi, Travel Wifi offers foreign visitors in France the easiest solution to get Internet in France! They provide […]


Louvre Museum removing its art pieces : back to the 40’s

On the third of June 2016, the Louvre Museum closed its doors because of Seine rise. A Museum Staff moving several pieces of art in order to protect them from the floods… Does it not remind you of something ? 76 years ago, a resistance group organized the preservation of […]


A Secret Day in Paris

When visiting Paris it is easy to stick to the tourist trail and keep your head in your guidebook. However Paris hides some of its most spectacular gems away from these trails, secret spaces that true Parisians want you never to find… Why not try something different and discover the […]


A discovery of Paris history through Sculptures

1. The forgotten, Arc de triumph – decoration inside and around the Arc    The inside walls of the monument lists many names but who are these people? These names are those of 558 French generals with those who died in battle being underlined.  The names of the major battles […]