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A romantic day in Paris

This year, you are determined to impress your beloved, and you are totally right. You booked two tickets in the direction of: PARIS! You feel absolutely proud of you, considering how long your sweetheart has been dreamt of such a surprise. But upon arrival, you realise that you have absolutely no […]


Wine tasting in Paris

France is undoubtedly famous for the quality and diversity of its wine. You can buy some good bottles, and discover it by yourself, or have a lesson to find out all the secrets the bottle may hide. Let us have a look at our own selection.   Stimulate your senses at […]


35 French idioms that could be misinterpreted

Why should you learn by heart some of the French idioms ? Because actually french people use plenty of them ! Here are some of the most common French expressions that you can use to impress your friends !   Faire l’andouille What you think it means : To make […]