The best place to enjoy spring on a sunny terrace

When we asked Parisians about their first thoughts on how to enjoy the spring, most of them answered: “having a drink with friends on a nice sunny terrace!”. All right then, so that’s what we have to do : find nice terraces in Paris. It should be easy, as the city is full of them! But surely you don’t want to celebrate spring with a 12€ beer, listening to a classic concerto of engines and car horns. Not your style. There are so many beautiful secret places craving to be discovered…

That’s why we decided to find, not a list of good terraces but THE perfect terrace to enjoy sunny days. So if it pleases you, here comes the good news. We found the Holy Grail: Le café A.

A café? Again? No, le café A is an old convent, built in the XVII century.Café A terrace You won’t see monks there, but young Parisian artists and musicians instead, who have found the perfect studio to work in and share their many talents with you. If you dare enter this arty sanctuary, you’ll have to go a little further to find its awesome terrace.

The Mon Beau Paris team tried it several times (to be absolutely certain of course) and found the perfect times for you to go: anytime in the afternoon to enjoy a sunny peaceful spring day, or before 7pm, to have a drink with friends and be sure to find a free table for the evening. If you fall in love with the place, it gets even better when you find out that you can brunch there on Sundays!

The terrace also happens to host events, that’s why you can find temporary installations sometimes, such as an “altitude café” in the winter. We also heard whispers that there are many upcoming surprises for spring. Now that’s promising!

As for the price, count 2,5€ for a Bio café, 4,5€ for a Bio glass of wine, 7€ for a pint and 10€ for a cocktail. Not the cheapest, but it’s worth every cent !

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