Wine tasting in Paris

France is undoubtedly famous for the quality and diversity of its wine. You can buy some good bottles, and discover it by yourself, or have a lesson to find out all the secrets the bottle may hide. Let us have a look at our own selection.  

Stimulate your senses at Les Caves du Louvre (1st district,

les-caves-du-louvre-logo-300x298There, you will discover five different rooms: the tasting one, the soils one, where your sense of touch will be used, the aromas one, which let you test your olfactory qualities, the bottling room with its interesting resonance and finally the labels room, where visual aspect is primordial to admire colours or reflections that may make us reflect. Through this entertaining visit, you will discover a place steeped in history, with anecdotes about Louis XV and his sommelier Trudon, and modernised: the visit is guided by an application. Icing on the cake: you can create your own wine!

Enjoy a dinner aperitif at Le p’tit Cou de la Girafe (11th district)

In a vintage decor, you will be warm welcomed by Olivier. He qualifies his cellar as a small and unpretentious wine shop but the quality of his products – le p'tit cou de la girafeboth his wine and his food items – are of very high quality, especially his speciality, cooked eggs with different kinds of bread fingers. You can also buy there some wine before eating in the bistro just next door, called La robe de la giraffe.

Support sustainable wine growing at Simone (13th district,

Simone ParisThe credo is really simple there: to offer organic and natural wine, while eating a selection of tasty cooked meats, cheese, and organic oysters in a relaxed atmosphere. It is kind of a prelude to a great dinner at the restaurant of the same name at the corner.

Discover artisanal manufactured wine at Le vin en bouche (6th district,

Le-Vin-en-Bouche-logo_copyHedonists will be satisfied there. Through their expertise, Jonathan and Vincent, both former sommeliers, have selected high-quality products and want us to discover new types of outstanding wine. They have built their own identity, and want to relay the authenticity of our terroirs through their selection of artisanal wine.

Taste wine before you buy it at Wine Touch (4th district,

wine touchThe concept of the founders, Philippe and Eric, is to consider that each wine has its own story, and is a meeting point of a soil and a winegrower. In this wine shop and cellar, you can walk through French vineyards thanks to a magnetic card, which allows you to taste several wines. An interesting and funny experience!

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