Where to buy good bottles of wine in Paris?


Obviously, you can find bottles of wine in every single supermarket in Paris. It is part of French culture. But to find that one shop where you will find your dreamed bottle is harder. This is definitely no mean feat.

There are some specialized wine shops that offer a wide choice such as Lavinia or the wine cellar at La Grande Epicerie de Paris. You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for there thanks to the treasures specialists have carefully sought.

DSC06858But I would advise you rather to discover little independent wine shops. There you will meet a specialist who selected his best bottles in a wide range of prices. He is a real connoisseur of varieties of wine, of winemaking processes, designations and vineyards for example. He knows his products and is able to advise you if you do not know what you are looking for at all, or if you want for example to match your wine with your meal. You can also find there some very good bottles of wine from less famous winegrowers. I would recommend you for example La Quincave (6th district, http://quincave.com), where you can taste and buy wine and discover some unknown vineyards. You can also go to Marcel Bossetti wine shop (4th district, https://www.caves-bossetti.fr/); you can be sure to find there passionate and kind men who will take pleasure in giving you simple explanations. The quality-price ratio is absolutely reasonable.

Of course, you can find goDSC06841_Fotorod bottles in food retail supermarkets at lower prices. But the quality of those wines can be very poor, and in front of that large choice, you can feel a little bit lost. But those bottles represent an adequate supply for an everyday life’s consumption.


The last possibility I advise to buy good wine in Paris is the direct purchase to winegrowers. You do not necessarily need to go to wine estates, even though landscapes are worth the journey! There are some wine shows in Paris where independent winemakers come to present and sell their products. This is a good opportunity to know more about all the processes to make wine and to speak with true professionals.

I promise you one thing, if you associate French culture with a good glass of wine and a piece of cheese, you won’t be deceived in Paris. The City of Lights overflows with nice places to taste them. To be continued in our next issue!

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